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Project Purple Ambassador of Hope 💜

Check out the original blog on the Project Purple Site Here! My name is Molly Huddle and I am a two time Olympian for Team USA Track & Field, and I’m currently in training for the 2018 NYC Marathon . You could say endurance is in my DNA. I call on it for sport, but […]

What is Confidence?

As written for Strong, a Journal by Kara Goucher I’ve been told I’m in the category of people with a “quiet confidence”. I was always afraid of being cocky, because it’s just not something I’m comfortable with. I know it can be entertaining to watch a brazen athlete point beyond the outfield or hype up […]

Come Run with Me: PVD Fall-Comers 5K XC !

  Hey Everyone! From my first real team cross country season at the University of Notre Dame to racing on Team USA at the World Cross Country Championships, XC has always been one of the most fun experiences of my running career. I’d love to share that team experience with the Providence Community so I […]

The NYC Marathon

I’ve raced in New York dozens of times. Stepping off the train from Providence to Penn Station feels like a familiar routine by now. I’d been a peripheral part of Marathon weekend before, but I soon found out that nothing compares to actually racing through the 5 boroughs yourself. The Buzz The marathon as an […]


On a grey misty morning, in a concrete stadium freckled in grafitti tags and rimming a fresh blue bolt of track, I edged up to a starting line in the very outskirts of lane 8. I looked up at the scattered spectators then down the crowded row of 37 women all nervously bouncing while faint […]


Following my quirky though unexpectedly popular foray into Emoji-feminism last fall, runner/designer Sarah Fitzpatrick Clancy asked if I’d like to team up and display the runner-girl on some sweet gear. In the spirit of encouraging girls in sport we decided to donate proceeds to a youth sports program.  My husband and I have been working closely with New England Distance and […]

Hope And Heroes Amidst Scandals

 NPR’s On Point recently discussed some of the Olympic doping scandals that have been peppering the sports pages lately. Myself and a friend were talking about it amongst all the other doping news and wished we weren’t running when it was live as we may have called in to offer a less pessimistic view of […]

The Food Blog

As a professional athlete, I get asked the question  “what do you eat?”. A lot. “what do you eat before races?” “what do you eat after races?” “What do you eat before training runs? Before workouts?”. “ What DON’T you eat?” . Although I’m health conscious, I’m not on a specific diet and pretty much […]

Sport Psychology at Work

Check out this collaboration with 2008 Olympian, Irish steeplechase record holder and founder of BelieveIAm,  Roisin McGettigan! I recap my 5000m PR and Ro applies insightful sport psychology takeaways: Read Me !  

Race Brave

                      Here is a partial list of things I have run away from: unleashed chihuahua most spiders one grade school boy-girl party routine tetanus shot all karaoke I am not a brave person. I’m the exact opposite, actually; I’m more of a grade ‘A’ weenie. But, being a professional distance runner requires some degree […]

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